ESP8285 Package

What is an ESP8285

The ESP8285 is a Wi-Fi system-on-chip solution mass produced by Expressif that aims to provide the Internet of Things industry and hobbyists a chip with a compact design, efficient power usage and reliable performance.

It features fully self-contained Wi-Fi capabilities and it is able to perform either as a standalone application or as the slave to a host microcontroller. If the ESP8285 is hosting the application, it quickly boots up from the flash and provides excellently performance thanks to the integrated high speed cache. It can also be easily interfaced thanks to the available SPI/SDIO/I2C/UART buses.

The ESP8285 integrates various components, including antenna switches, a RF balun, a power amplifier, a low noise receive amplifier and power management modules, helping minimize the size and complexity of your PCBs.